Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Journey To Poomala, Thrissur

Poomala Dam Walkway

To Poomala, now it is a family trip. Poomala was not actually in our plans. We went to Thrissur for Guruvayur Temple Visit as my mother had some offerings to do to Lord Guruvayurappan. We reached Guruvayur by evening and took a huge family room in a hotel near Guruvayur Temple. Next day, after the temple visits and offerings, we were left with some spare time. So we decided to visit some of the nearest tourist spots. Me and brother went into hot discussions about the best tourist spots near Guruvayur and Thrissur. Finally we decided to visit Poomala dam.

Poomala Dam Lake

Poomala dam is about 15 Kms from Thrissur town, it is not a big dam, but its beauty is as good as any place in the world. The ever strectching greenery, grasslands,waterfalls and the dam water is really a must see. Once you enter the Poomala road, the whole geography changes and it looks as if everything has put on a green coat. It is so beautiful. The road stretches all the way to the dam area but to have a real feel of nature you have to walk. Park your vehicle at the beginning of the Poomala Park and then walk along the side of the dam. The whole area is absolutely mind blowing, the lonely tree in the grasslands and the waters behind, is a photographer’s dream.

Road To Poomala Dam

Once you reach the dam, you can get down to the a small waterfall area of the dam. If you are really interested, you can have a bath in the icy cold waters, but with the consent of the dam personnel. There is also one important thing you should see, which I unfrotunately missed out on my journey. There is a Saint Cave also known as Muniara at Poomala. Muniara is a place where once a saint meditated. Poomala is about 100m above sealevel. The best time to visit Poomala is from October-May. The whole place will be so green, which is a spectacular sight.

Poomala Waterfalls

Poomala Travel Info

Location: Poomala,Thrissur,Kerala india
Nearest Town/City: Thrissur
Distance From Nearest City: 15 Km
Attractions: Dam, Grass Lands, Ancient Saint Cave (Muniara)
Road Condition: Good
Safety Issues: Be careful while getting down to the waterfall, the rocks are slippery.
Emergency: Dial 100 from your mobile
Morld Travel Ratings: 8/10
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Dam Walkway On A Sunny Day

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